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Gif experiment

In one of my classes I am experimenting with glitch art and gifs. Using multiple tools and programs I am able to create distorted moving images. This kind of medium isn't what I'm used to working in, however I find it very interesting how adding movement and "glitches" to some of my images changes the mood completely. The gif of the birds below is one I have recently completed. I will also include the original image so you can compare the before and after.

Personally, in this case I find gifs to be an interesting way to show a photographed moment, moving. The looping effect adds the look of a continuous never ending cycle as if that "moment" is stuck in time never able to escape or move forward (think of the 1993 film Ground Hog Day). I chose this image to turn into a gif because of the notion of being stuck. In the original photo a mother bird is feeding her baby birds, the thought of being stuck in mid-flight brings me an overwhelming since of exhaustion, and is something I would never want to experience (if I was a bird of course).